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Tlatelolco - Minutes before the Massacre



Tlatelolco Square in Mexico City, D. F. (now Plaza of the Three Cultures) holds a special place in the history of Mexico, and in the hearts and minds of her people.

Today, most people remember it for the student massacre that occurred on October 2, 1968.

However the bloody history of this place began hundreds of years before with Cortéz and the Aztecs.

This Index page provides articles about the history of Tlatelolco that began in August 13, 1521, continues through October 2, 1968, and ends with the recent disclosure by the National Security Archive of the USA secret documents concerning 1968 from the files of the CIA, FBI and the USA Defense Department.

Tlatelolco Square - the church

Tlatelolco - The History

August 13, 1521
So loud was the wailing of the women and children that there was not one man among us whose heart did not bleed at the sound...

July 1968 - Youth Revolt ( En Español)
"We Don't Want Olympic Games, We Want a Revolution!"

October 1968 - Blood at Tlatelolco ( En Español)
When the Tlatelolco Women Boiled Water -- But Not for Dinner

Gustavo Díaz Ordaz
¡SAL AL BALCON, CHANGO HOCICON! -- "Come out on the balcony, monkey with a big snout!"

Mexico Documentation Project
Declassified U.S. Documents on Mexico and the events of 1968

The Secret Archives:
Courtesy of the U.S. National Security Archive

Echoes in the 90s ( En Español)
The continuing Story

Tlatelolco Today - The Market

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