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Visa and entry requirements: 2011 immigration update

INM Forms Online

Last Update 30 April 2011

The INM Application Form is the basic everything form for applying for any FM3 or FM2 matters.  Working permits are not covered here.

Formato Básico is a simplified replacement of the old FM1 form.  This form is not available online from the INM; they will give you a copy to fill out by hand.  You can view the form here in Spanish or the English translation.. 

My cyber friend, Spencer, has taken the Spanish form and turned it into a form that can be filled out and printed on your computer, thus saving the trouble of doing the form by hand at the INM office.  Start here. The PDF file opens with the English translation for your reference.  You'll need to scroll up to the top for the actual fill-in form.  In one place Spencer left his name on the form.  It can be deleted when you insert your own name.

Checking on the progress of your application or renewal can done from this website.  The Pieza is your application ID number.  The INM office will give you the Contraseña (password) and the NUT numbers when they accept your papers.  After you enter the Pieza and Contraseña, click on Buscar, and a new page will come up asking you to select the NUT -- probably only one choice.  Then all the particulars of your application will appear.

Leaving the country while an application is pending:  The new renewal procedure is much faster than the old one, but there still could be a situation requiring you to leave the country while your FM3/2 is in the hands of the INM.  There is a procedure to take care of that.  It's called Permiso de Salida y RegresoINM will provide the form for you to fill out.  You can use it to exit and reenter the country.  There is a fee.  There is a PDF form here that you can print and fill  out before going to the office if you wish.

Published or Updated on: April 28, 2011
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