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Art galleries in the Lake Chapala - Ajijic area

Mezcala Island by Belva Velazquez
Mezcala Island
© Belva Velazquez, 2008

The north shore of Lake Chapala is alive with the arts in all their manifestations. Music and dance -- from folk to classical, theater in English at the Lakeside Little Theatre, book clubs and creative writing groups complement the offering of galleries.

Here are some suggestions to get you started. The telephone numbers are local. If dialing from out of the area, please use area code 376; for calls from outside the country, Mexico's country code is 52. Chapala listings follow Ajijic listings, and all are in alphabetical order.


  • Arte de Mexico: Lois Atkins
    Fine art, ceramics
    16 de Septiembre #13
    Tel. 766-4979

  • Arte Estudio: Antonio Cardenas
    16 de Septitmebre #33
    Original art, watercolors and mixed media classes
    Tel. 766-0545 o 766-l478

  • Arte Estudio de Belva & Enrique Velazquez
    Fine art, classes, calendars and notecards
    16 de Septiembre #7
    Tel. 766-0162

  • Tree of Life
    Tree of Life
    © Marianne Carlson, 2008
  • Aztec Studios: Janice Kimball
    232 Carretera Pte
    Tel. 766-3543

  • Casa de La Cultura
    Delegacion Municipal de Ajijic
    On the main plaza

  • Centro de Arte y Cultura Galeria: Dionicio Morales
    Morelos #12

  • Creaciones del Lago
    Creative art in needlework
    Ramon Corona #1 A

  • Diane Pearl Colecciones: Diane Pearl
    Colon #1
    Tel. 766-5683

  • Efren Gonzalez Cultural Center
    Marcos Castellanos #7

  • El Gallo Gallery: Ken Gosh
    Guadalupe Victoria #30
    Tel. 766-4171

  • Galeria: Ana Romo
    Colon #8 B
    Tel. 766-0955

  • Galeria Cathy Chalvignac
    Fine oil paintings
    16 de Septiembre #22
    Tel. 766-1153

  • Galeria de Arte Los Amigos
    Javier Mina 35

  • Galeria de las Flores Art Gallery: Julian
    Morelos #9 B

  • Galeria Di Paola Photography, paintings, sculpture, select objects of popular art
    Colon #11

  • Tel. 766-1010
    Fax: 765-3816
  • Galeria Dos Lunas
    Colon #8 A

  • Galeria Quattro
    Colon #9

  • Arte Estudio
    Arte Estudio de Belva & Enrique Velazquez
    © Belva Velazquez, 2008
  • La Bella Vida
    16 de Septiembre #4 B

  • La Coleccion Barbara: Thomas R. Thompson
    Antiques, Mexican folk art, fine art
    Independencia #7
    Tel.766-1824 Fax: 6-1071

  • La Estancia: Jose Duran
    Morelos #13

  • La Nueva Posada
    Art shows in the garden as well as in the hotel itself and restaurant
    Donato Guerra No. 9
    Tel. 766-1344 / 766-1444

  • Mi Mexico: Representing Helen Marie Krustev
    Morelos #8

  • Chiapas roof cross
    Chiapas roof cross
    © Marianne Carlson, 2008


  • Opus Boutique and Gallery: Lois Cugini
    Select artists, jewelry, folk art, custom design
    Morelos #15
    Tel. 766-1790

  • Sol y Luna Cultural Center
    Rio Bravo #10 A

  • The Village Gallery: Carol Ann Owers
    Ramon Corona #23


  • Casa de Cultura Gonzalez Gallo
    In the old train station
    Avenida Gonzalez Gallo 1500

  • Kimball Gallery
    Las Redes #211


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