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Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration Changes At Border Crossings And Airports

Adriana Perez Flores

When exiting and entering Mexico, foreigners are supposed to show their immigration documents with the officials either at the border, or at the airport into or out of which you fly. This has always been more important to Tourist Visa holders and FM2 holders. These same officials have been very easy with FM3 holders, usually just waving these foreigners through without stamping their documents.

Now some officials are stopping foreigners with missing entry or exit stamps. These officials are now producing letters requiring you to go to the Immigration office where your FM3 or FM2 was issued or last renewed. At the same time, certain other officials are still waving you on through without stamping your entry/exit. This makes things complicated for foreigners.

A very common way for this to happen is when driving out of Mexico. In most cases, you stop at customs in Mexico to turn in your car permit, and then simply leave by crossing into the US. Two months later, say, you fly into Mexico, show your FM3 at the airport, and they ask for your exit stamp AND the FME form you need to fill out if you are an FM3 or FM2 holder. The FME form is a simple statistical procedure for the government. Please note, these issues are not a factor for people with Tourist Visas.

The fact that this requirement is now being enforced means that fines for having missed these procedures will eventually be applied. So from this day forward, to avoid any complications during these exits and entries, you must have these officials do their duties, and supply you with the stamps, and the proper forms. If they refuse, ask to see their supervisors and explain your concerns and ask that they accommodate you.

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2006 by Adriana Perez Flores © 2006
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