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Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration And Inmigrado

Adriana Perez Flores

It would seem we owe a big thank you to all the readers of this article. I think the greatest compliment to us is when we have members of the community asking us to write on a specific topic. Some of these requests have come from local realtors who want to properly advise their prospective clients. They have requested that write about the following topic, as they know the number of people this reaches by the feedback they obviously get. So once again, we thank the community.

These are the taxes that must be paid when applying for your documents:


  • Extension $210 pesos


  • New $1,432 pesos
  • Renewal $1,038 pesos


  • New $2,783 pesos
  • Renewal $2,247 pesos.

These prices are subject to change at Immigration's discretion, but were accurate at press time (July, 2006).

FM2 and Inmigrado status in Mexico do not get much coverage, as the majority of the foreigners apply for FM3 status. Therefore, we have been asked to clarify some false beliefs surrounding these migratory statuses.

FM2s can be applied for as soon as you come to Mexico, right from an FMT (tourist visa), or at any time during your FM3 status. You do not have to wait for the renewal of the FM3 to apply for the FM2. The requirements are basically the same as an FM3, however the monthly income requirements are set higher, and the cost of obtaining such a document is also higher, as listed above. Please note; you cannot apply for an FM2 outside of Mexico the way you can an FM3. A new rule set this year by Immigration is that you will require a Mexican CURP number to obtain your FM2.

The other basic rule with an FM2 is that over the five-year period you have this migratory status, you are only allowed to travel out of Mexico for a maximum period of 18 months over those five years. If this requirement is not met, immigration will not award you your Inmigrado status at the end of the five years when you apply for it. Please note; you cannot obtain this Inmigrado status from an FM3, you must have the FM2 for a period of five years.

The rules on your foreign plated vehicle are also the same as the FM3, which you can import and keep here for the duration of the FM2. However, once the Inmigrado status is granted to you, legally the foreign plated vehicle must go, and you will have to purchase a Mexican plated vehicle.

Published or Updated on: July 1, 2006 by Adriana Perez Flores © 2006
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