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Know The Law In Mexico - 2007 Immigration Update

Adriana Perez Flores

Immigration's prices are normally due for increase every January. Although they failed to increase the rates for services in 2005 and 2006, we are not so fortunate this year.

These are the taxes that must be paid when applying for your migratory documents:

  • FMT (Tourist Visa) $237 pesos (an increase of 27 pesos)
  • New FM3 $1616 pesos (an increase of 184 pesos)
  • FM3 Renewal $1172 pesos (an increase of 134 pesos
  • FM3 Renewal with Work Permit $1904 pesos (an increase of 218 pesos)
  • New FM2 $2981 pesos (an increase of 198 pesos)
  • FM2 Renewal $2536 pesos (an increase of 289 pesos)
  • FM2 Renewal with Work Permit $2537 (an increase of 290 pesos)
  • Inmigrado application $3901 pesos (an increase of 447 pesos)

Most common MYTHS for these 4 migratory statuses:

FMT - Need a passport to obtain? False. All that is required for an FMT is your birth certificate and the new fee of $237 pesos. If you are flying into Mexico, this cost is built into your airline ticket.

FM3 - Must be a least 55 to apply? False. Some Consulates in the U.S. and Canada state this, but this is not true if applying in Mexico. Any age can apply as long as you meet the requirements such as the monthly income requirement.

FM3 - As long as my FM3 is up to date, my foreign plated vehicle is also legal? True. It has been rumored that one must drive back to the US/Mexico border and re-register his or her vehicle, or having someone re-certify it Lakeside, which is false, even if the windshield decal is expired. As long as the registered owners migratory status is legal (above a Tourist Visa), so is their vehicle.

FM3 - If I've obtained my FM3 outside of Mexico, I must register it when I come to Mexico? True. You have 3 months to come into Mexico and register it, and then 30 days once you are in Mexico. If you come after the 3-month period, Immigration may confiscate it when entering the country.

FM3 and FM2 - I must go to Guadalajara now to sign for my new FM3 or FM2? Maybe. It all depends or where you or the person/firm you hired submits the application. If the new FM3 or FM2 application was submitted in Chapala, you will be required to go to Chapala to sign for it. The same rule applies if you submit your application in Guadalajara.

FM2 - I cannot leave the country for more than a total of 18 months over 5 years? True. These are the rules outlined by the Mexican government.

FM2 - I must have an FM3 for a number of years before I can apply for an FM2? False. You can apply for an FM2 right from a Tourist Visa.

Immigrado - I'm no longer allowed to drive a foreign plated car in Mexico? True.

Some other facts to remember: when applying for these documents (except for the FMT) you must photocopy every page of your passport, including the cover, even if the pages are blank. Immigration may not accept bank statements printed off the Internet. The reason is that it is just too simple to change the amounts of income on these statements by cutting and pasting your statements into a document. Bank statements from Canada, the US, or your offshore investment house are all accepted from Immigration.

Published or Updated on: January 1, 2007 by Adriana Perez Flores © 2007
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