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Retiring in Mexico

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A person can live in Mexico as a non-immigrant retiree with the income produced by his or her investments, interests or benefits earned outside the country or by any other income authorized by immigration authorities. The requirements are:

  • documentary proof of permanent source of monthly income from abroad in an amount of $1,000.00 US minimum for the head of the household and $500.00 US for each additional member of the family. A deposit with a Mexican bank or the purchase of government bonds or securities is acceptable. (If the applicant owns his or her residence in Mexico, these amounts can be reduced by 50%)
  • birth certificate of the head of the household and marriage certificate and birth certificates of members of the household travelling with applicant (birth certificate has to be the long statement form).
  • certificate of non criminal records for the applicant and spouse, issued by proper authorities at the last place of residence.
  • health certificate issued by a local physician attesting the general good health of the applicant.
  • All these documents must be duly certified and then legalized by the Mexican Consulate. The fee for legalization is adjusted monthly (please inquire).
  • valid passport
  • two photographs passport size
  • application form
  • payment of consular fee

An automobile may be taken into Mexico by the income holder immigrant. Foreign cars imported in this way cannot be sold in Mexico. The temporary importation has to be renewed every time the immigration status is renewed. Thus, it is recommended as a better option to buy a car in Mexico.

Non-immigrant retirees are also entitled to bring their household items in a reasonable amount once the appropriate permit is granted. A list of items must be submitted to the Consulate (5 copies) with a general description of the articles to be imported. If there are electrical and electronic appliances, the information has to include brand name, model and serial number.

(For further information, consult the Living, Retiring & Working Resourse Section.)


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