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Tribute page from the Codex Mendoza by Tony Burton

Tribute Page from the Codex Mendoza

The tribute payable (displayed in most browsers when mouse is positioned over image) is:

2 strings of beads of jadeite, a green semi-precious stone

a total of 4,000 handfuls of colored feathers

160 skins of the bird with a blue plumage

2 labrets (lip piercings) of amber encased in gold

40 skins of jaguar

200 loads of cacao beans, the main ingredient of chocolate

800 tecomates (cups for drinking chocolate)

2 slabs of clear amber, each approximately the size of a brick


Tribute Page from the Codex Mendoza
Tribute Page from the Codex Mendoza
Published or Updated on: March 14, 2008 by Tony Burton © 2008
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